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The sun does NOT set on FLAT EARTH!
19 March

The sun does NOT set on FLAT EARTH! DITRH Published on Mar 18, 2018 Filmed on March 17th 2018 at

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A response video to two self-admitted shills by Flat Earth Asshole
17 May

If this is the best top 10 there is – the round earth global believers are in DEEP trouble. In

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The Sunset Proves the Flat Earth
10 May

by Taboo Conspiracy Watch as the flat earth experimental “sunset” filmed in a warehouse matches an actual sunset perfectly. The

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Are We Seeing the Sun in the Distance?
20 April

This is mirrored from YouTub’r “bolidoxUCM“. This is a video of a weather balloon shot at night time. In the

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Flat Earth Sidereal Ball Earth Number Futz
26 February

My Perspective Flat Earth researcher and video maker Rory Cooper (aka My Perspective YouTube Channel), has recently taken down some

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Verifiable Proof NASA Lies – Mercury is Close
18 October

& We Don’t Orbit the Sun by ThePottersClay The Lord will lead you into all truth if you ask him.

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Flat Earth – Problem Solved
17 October

Original video of the sunset (Alaska)… Steve Torrence Channel… The sun sets and rises because of the ”Atmoplane”

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A Stranger’s Guide to Flat Earth | 21 Questions and Answers (Proving The Earth Is Flat) ▶️️
30 July

O.D.D. T.V. A Strangers Guide to the Flat Earth | A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the answers to

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Why lie about the shape of the earth? What difference does it make?
4 June

To even ask that question shows the extent of the Brainwashing Please view the video below, illustrating that the Sun

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The Greatest Lie on Earth
17 January

A Fantastic Gift Idea – Amazing Research in Amazing Quality by Edward Hendrie   This book reveals the mother of

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