Why lie about the shape of the earth? What difference does it make?

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To even ask that question shows the extent of the Brainwashing

Please view the video below, illustrating that the Sun is small and close.

I have heard many ask what does it matter if the Earth is Flat or a Sphere…To ask that question just shows the extent of the brainwashing!  It is probably one of the most important revelations in history. It means that your entire life has been a lie. Everything you were ‘taught’ in school/college/university is based on lies. The whole of science is based lies and all their ‘theories’ have been DREAMED up as a way to decieve and indoctrinate the Human Race, taking away the power of the individual. Throughout history Governments/Leaders/Royalty/Elites have pushed the Globe model as a control mechanism. They have created division and fear among the human race through religion, race, sex or whatever means they can dream up to keep us fighting among ourselves. The establishment want you to think you are small and insignificant, your only reason for being here was blind luck!  Well, Flat Earth turns all that deceit and lies on it’s head and elevates YOU to being a very significant entity. It elevates you to the realization that NO ONE is better than YOU and that this realm was created for you.  Thanks to Andrea Cenci, love his plain speaking vids, please check out his channel.


  • bwinwright
    February 26, 2020, 6:45 pm  

    As a Flat Earther for about 2 years myself, this is possibly the most powerful video I have ever seen. What a GREAT presentation!!! This man is right on the money with his FACTS and really drives it home with his GREAT PASSION. JUST GREAT!!! THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

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