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The Sun is close and much smaller than reported
18 November

Crepuscular Rays are a Tell-tale sign… Mainstream science has sought to explain away these sun rays that are extremely damaging

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Tides and the electromagnetic energy of the sun and moon
7 August

Part 1 Part 1 of the research into dia-magnetics of water, ocean tides, the electromagnetic energy from the sun and

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Time lapse of the sun proves flat earth and the sun is very close to it
7 August

by Ball Earth Skeptic Please view the video to the left, illustrating that the Sun is small and close. The

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100% Video Proof: The Earth is Not A Globe
5 July

Reffi knocks out the Globe Sorry for my weird accent. English is not my main language. The following video shows

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Is the Earth a Sphere?
29 June

Let’s look at the evidence. If you look up The Thunderbolts Project or The Electric Universe, you will understand that

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Mathematical proof the sun is not 93 million miles away
19 June

If you think the sun is 93 million miles above the earth – tell that to a geometry major. Check

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