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My Perspective

Flat Earth researcher and video maker Rory Cooper (aka My Perspective YouTube Channel), has recently taken down some of his older videos, choosing to replace them with newer, updated ones.  Here is an amazing presentation, one which will have you thinking about the information we were all given in our first days of school regarding the Heliocentric Model.  Rory questions the principles surrounding those explanations and points out how ludicrous they are.  At first, it is somewhat hard to grasp, as a result of cognitive dissonance on the part of the person receiving this information for the first time.  Some may never break through that cognitive dissonance – the need to believe they have not been lied to. But once past that barrier, it becomes ever more clear that the nature of the place we call home has been grossly misrepresented to us for 20 generations.  A crime against humanity.


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