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Crepuscular Rays are a Tell-tale sign…
Mainstream science has sought to explain away these sun rays that are extremely damaging to the heliocentric model, as just the result of a visual phenomenon known as linear perspective. The problem is… perspective can’t explain these rays. And… I will show, that the very perspective they invoke to try and save the heliocentric model from these damaging crepuscular rays actually indicts the heliocentric model as a fraud.  Perspective has to do with THE OBSERVER. From the observers perspective, objects going away will follow the convergence pattern I showed at 16:40. The higher the object THE STEEPER AND FASTER IT WILL APPEAR TO LOWER – THAT’S A FACT JACK.  The object (like the train going away) @ 16:52 has only ONE movement RELATIVE to the observer – it’s moving further away. The other train @ 17:31 high up on a high plane has two VISUAL movements, 1. AWAY, and 2. DOWN. So it’s kinda moving PARALLELISH TO THE OBSERVER.
There is no southern pole star. What folk are seeing when they look south is a perspective produced counter rotation. For example: If you are at the north pole, Polaris will be directly overhead and all the stars will be rotating around it – and the stars just above the horizon will do a big circle around you staying parallel to the horizon, right?… I don’t know how much you know about perspective, but notice how the clouds will angle down towards YOUR horizon THE FURTHER AWAY FROM YOU THEY ARE. Keep this in mind. The further south you go… Polaris will get lower and lower in the northern sky FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Let’s say you go far enough south that Polaris is on your horizon… the surrounding stars that were rotating around you at the north pole would now be rising in the east and setting in the west. And if you look to the south, you will see a counter rotation DUE TO PERPSECTIVE. This is tough to understand, I get that. Think about it for a while… If you want to discuss like a human being, I’m open… If you’re going to name call – TAKE A HIKE!




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