100% Video Proof: The Earth is Not A Globe

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Reffi knocks out the Globe

Sorry for my weird accent. English is not my main language.

The following video shows a GoFast Rocket launch, setting a world record for highest altitude achieved by an amateur rocket launch.  The rocket was launched from the Nevada desert, and  shortly after the rocket reaches its apex, the Moon is perfectly visible.  With some quick detective work, Reffi was able to determine the time and date of the rocket launch, and checking http://timeanddate.com, he was able to see where the Moon was located. No spoiler alert here, watch the video to find out what he discovered!  Excellent video.

GoFast 2014 HD OnBoard Cameras

GO FAST CSXT JPI 10th Anniversary Rocket Launch 2014

Don’t take my word – test it yourself HERE  & HERE


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