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The question one has to ask is, who was Moammar Gaddafi? What information do you have about him other than what the government controlled MSM has told you? For a decade or two we constantly heard what a tyrant Moammar Gaddafi was.   We saw evil looking pictures of this man.  We heard stories of atrocities he supposedly had committed. We heard statements that were taken out of context and plainly untrue.  All of the information we heard on him was through the Lame Stream Government Controlled Propaganda Media machine.  It was All LIES!
The truth is MUCH different. Gaddafi took the poorest most illiterate country in the WORLD and raised it to one of the highest standards of living in the Middle East.  He discovered an OCEAN of pristine ancient water under the desert which was more valuable than the oil fields.  He spent almost 40 years building what was called, “The Great Man Made River” that lead to the creation of organic farms across the desert that would feed ALL of Africa. He housed every single person in Libya BEFORE he would house his own parents who were living in a tent. He accomplished a HUGE list of other AMAZING humanitarian feats.
So why did the Obama regime brutally murder him?  One of the many “suspected” answers to that question was that Gaddafi no longer wanted to accept the US dollar for oil and was in the midst of launching a REAL gold monetary system that would have threatened the USA’s petrodollar status.  So the Obama regime, blew up the Great Man Made River project with depleted uranium bombs, (a crime against humanity that is difficult to trump), destroyed the country and immediately installed a Rothschild controlled central bank.
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