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by Jeranism

The search for truth continues. Please refrain from any negativity. If I am wrong about something simply tell me. I will not apologize for asking questions that must be asked.

The Wikipedia page for the Azimuthal Equidistant Projection.

The map site where you can switch between the globe view “O” and the flat earth model map the Azimuth Equidistant “AE” There are other map types as well. Cool Site.

What is the truth of the world we live? Why are the things we are told so different than what we see? This video shows an interesting point when we look at the monthly cycle of the moon. Why is it that when there is a new moon that we cannot see this dark spot in the day sky? There are so many more questions like….

Why do the jet streams not make sense on a globe?
Why does the idea of living on a globe make no sense?
Why can’t I go to the South Pole?
Why can’t I go to the North Pole?
Why does no one own Antarctica?
How could we lose MH370?
What has NASA spent a trillion dollars on?
Why do the numbers seem made up for the globe model?
Why is there no 360 degree shot from space or even 180 degrees?
Why is there a live satellite facing the sun 24/7 365 days a year but not Earth?

Check the info found at this Wikipedia… does this seem like proof of a spherical earth to you? Read the ten reasons the earth is a sphere.





  • jay bear
    February 22, 2020, 6:46 am  

    The weather map site has deleted the AE option on my example.

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