Media Flip Flops on Boston Hoaxathon’s Martin Richard Story

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The day after the Boston Hoaxathon Firecracker and we have 2 completely different depictions of the events surrounding the Richard Family. And this on the same day. How can a mainstream media get it so wrong? First we are told Bill Richard ran in the marathon and Martin was at the 1st explosion and ran out to greet him. Then hours later they changed the story stating that Bill Richard never ran in the race due to injury. It stated he went to get an ice cream when the firecracker went off killing Martin and injuring other family members. But then this all changed again as we see images of the Family at the 2nd explosion scene. Looks like they change their story daily. I mean surely they would get it right from the start and not make things up for the sake of it. Just shows how mainstream media is ONE COMPLETE LIE.



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