Rocks Are Body Parts!

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Rocks Are Body Parts!

Published on Apr 9, 2018

Rocks Are Body Parts! The Rocks Were Alive! Images found at Ioa Valley, Maui, Hawii Crystal Desert Egypt Geo Park Hong Kong Tertsa Beach Crete Dangling Feet, Cave, Vietnam Other channels you may find interesting are JayDreamerZ Seeing is Believing Age of Disclosure Mudfossil University I am created God’s Flat Earth Please do watch my other videos for more information. Relevant information you may find interesting, The Book of Enoch The Book of Giants The Dead Sea Scrolls King OG of Bashan The bible references to Giants, Flat Earth and Mudfossils Genesis Greek Mythology Norse Mythology Irish, Scottish & English Mythology TdoTruth Instagram Subscriber Supported Donation Link TdoTruth FB Group…


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