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Published on Mar 25, 2018


A in depth guide to the #FlatEarth | A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the reasoning behind why so many are turning away from NASA’s fake science and heading towards the Flat Earth theory. I get tired of hearing so many deny the possibility of a Flat Earth without fully investigating what it is actually about. This a reboot of my 2016 video “Top 7 Reasons Why I Believe in the Flat Earth” in which I attempt to not only answer some of the most frequently asked questions but also give you a clue as to why so many begin to question it in the first place. So journey with me as we investigate the TOP 7 REASONS WHY THE FLAT EARTH MATTERS. —————————————– Other Flat Earth related videos you should DEFINITELY WATCH…. Flat Earth AWAKENINGS – Nikola Tesla, Hitler & the CONSTRUCT No Forests on the Flat Earth RESPONSE (The Pre-Flood World) Giant TREES, Giant HUMANS! Flat Earth Answers – Proofs and Truths (Full Documentary) Flat Earth in Movies and TV Shows The STARS declare the TRUTH! (Flat Earth) NASA and the Flat Earth – A Global Conspiracy!


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