How to Start a Catastrophic California Wildfire with Microwaves: DEW 101

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Published on Oct 18, 2017

22 deadly, destructive fires in California’s wine and weed country started simultaneously out of of nowhere on the night of October 8th 2017. Hurricane force winds combined with negligence by regional electrical utility PG&E are taking the brunt of the blame but the “official” story doesn’t stand up to critical analysis. Video shot that night from a Sonoma County sheriff’s helicopter and posted by the Press Democrat newspaper clearly shows smoke travelling straight up: not what you’d see if hurricane force winds were affecting the region. That video also shows many houses going up in flames while the surrounding forests remain untouched. Countless witnesses report seeing strange blue lights flashing in the night sky and strong winds in some locations while nearby winds were light or nonexistent. This prompts several obvious questions: were these fires started intentionally? And if so, how? What do you think happened in California? One possible explanation is the use directed energy weapons (DEWS) being to start these fires. To understand the basic science behind these well-documented weapons a simple household microwave can be used to help understand the science and physics in play. I hate to do it but have monetized my channel because I am now devoted fulltime to raising awareness and am seeking revenue streams. If you appreciate my work please consider supporting it via Patreon or PayPal.


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