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Are you an elite? Are your staged attacks not going as planned? Are your globalist agendas failing because you’re using subpar crisis actors?

As most reading this have assuredly already answered “yes,” the man then cordially introduces himself and spares us any further suspense.

His name is Harrison Hanks, and he offers an unparalleled service as “The Ultimate Crisis Actor.”

From an authoritative medical doctor to the quintessential grieving father, Hanks can portray whatever character necessary to advance our ‘official’ narrative, sway the ignorant masses and gain their unwitting consent for even greater levels of enslavement. Particularly in an era quickly defining the death of mainstream media, this Harrison Hanks character may represent just the kind of subtle sophistication we need to turn the tide.

Yes, a growing number of Americans are waking up to the state-run propaganda constantly disseminated on CNN and virtually every other network. Yes, many Americans are increasingly unmoved by the contrived distractions that clearly exist to make the general population stupider and even less informed. But let’s also remember what good ol’ CIA Director William Casey said during Reagan’s first staff meeting in 1981:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

There you have it. But since we’re far from any disinformation program which is ‘complete,’ there’s obviously still a lot of work to do, and properly vetting the acting victims for our false flag events may be the right place to start.

Hanks also makes some good points regarding the importance of not overacting in a counterfeit disaster, which can alert an attentive viewer. There is a subtlety necessary to authenticate our victims’ supposed grievances, and the historic use of a “sorry lot of wannabees” is a clear mark against our public credibility.

It’s time to reign in the fledgling failures of previous oversights. Our narrow trove of pre-selected victims can no longer give implausible testimonies that don’t pass a basic smell test. The viewing public must be so emotionally enthralled by our staged tragedies that they become a virtual participant in the sorrow of the afflicted. And when that critical moment arrives for the agonizing victim to deliver a carefully crafted message that serves to either: a) disarm the public, b) approve a war on terror, c) invade Afghanistan, d) accept RFID microchips, e) ignore unconstitutional surveillance, f) oust President Trump, or g) support World War III, the unsuspecting viewer will never know they’ve been masterfully duped.

Rahm Emmanuel once made an astute observation when he said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Well said, but now it’s time to ensure our serious crisis has a serious actor. For this, Harrison Hanks will be our new secret weapon:


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