Tel-Aviv Globe Earth Curvature?

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by TheMorgile 

This is a video response, dedicated to Michelle Gentz & KC Patterson.
The BackGround Music is dedicated to STEVEN H, as he HATES IT! (Just kidding, luv ya Brother Steve, although we don’t always agree. Surely you can enjoy a bit of conga drums, ambient and subtle)… Not a single Cuss Word in this video, so you can DEFINITELY share this with all your wonderful Children and Grandchildren.
The original video was shot last year in Tel-Aviv, claiming to prove geological Curvature over a distance of 30 miles. I have found several problems proving the video to be forged.
If you decide to watch the Tel Aviv FRAUD video, (link above), you can use this chart to help you follow along with their numbers in miles and feet, as opposed to metres and KM.



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