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How “Science“ has become a religion

The Official Story  According to Mainstream SCIENCE

Fourteen point Seven Billion Years ago (14.7 thousand million), there was NOTHING.  And then suddenly, NOTHING exploded into EVERYTHING.  All the matter in the Universe was created during that Big Bang that came from NOTHING.  After a bunch of stuff happened, none of which we have the math for yet, Galaxies, Stars and Planets coalesced in their INFINITE (but also EXPANDING) vacuum.  Then, over 4 Billion Years ago, our planet Earth formed in the perfect “Goldilocks” zone, all the while furiously spinning on it’s tilted axis at over 1,000 Miles an hour (at the equator), around a GIANT BLAZING BALL OF GAS, itself BILLIONS of years old, which is flying t 66,600 miles an hour through our galaxy, which is going at 500 MILLION MILES PER HOUR into NOTHINGNESS.

Earth just spun and chilled for a few HUNDRED MILLION YEARS, before SUDDENLY, OUT OF NOWHERE, with math we don’t have yet, INERT MATTER turned into SINGLE CELLED ORGANISMS which, for no apparent reason simply DIVIDED, RE-ORGANIZED and SELF-REPLICATED, becoming complex MULTI-CELLULAR LIFE that then morphed into FISH and – fast forward while our “NUCLEAR REACTOR FURNACE SUN” remained perfectly stable, heating us just right from 93 MILLION MILES away and suddenly BIG, SIMPLE DINOSAURS appear.  Then APES, who then turned into TINY SMART PEOPLE.

All of this, BY ACCIDENT, on some random spinning rock moving in multiple directions simultaneously, at incredible, breakneck speeds.

We believe all of this despite sitting here seemingly perfectly still.

THAT’S MODERN DAY SCIENCE.  But, asking “Where is the Rest of Antarctica?”, well, that just ridiculous.


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