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by Jon McIntyre

 Very Compelling Proof of the Flat Earth

A note on comments: I have ZERO tolerance for drama, insults, manipulation, passive aggressive attacks, lying or deception in any form. Comments possessing any of these attributes will be deleted. And as this is my video I am the arbiter of which comments qualify for deletion. Present precise and relevant evidence if you want to challenge anything I have presented.

I will also delete all comments that attempt to draw me into any debates or arguments about other “flat earth” related topics that are not DIRECTLY covered in my video. I am focused on one thing and one thing only and that is to either validate or invalidate the evidence I have collected and presented.

If you want to argue with someone about the ISS, the southern cross, or any other “flat earth” topics please take it somewhere else. I am not interested AT ALL. I will delete challenge comments that are not directly challenging my data with countervailing data. And again as this is my video I am the arbiter of whether or not you are presenting a legitimate challenge.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to be challenged. In fact I am actively looking for some piece of data that will debunk my observation. I want to see it. I want to be challenged with relevant data but I will not argue or be drawn into petty drama like I see ALL OVER flat earth video comments. I am and always have been incapable of functioning at the level arguing and drama. It’s not going to happen so don’t even bother trying.

And now… about me and the process of making this video and my related thoughts about it.

My love of truth and love of the pursuit of truth compelled me to conduct this experiment and produce this video.

I find the evidence I collected to be very convincing. In fact I find no way to interpret this data other than to say that it clearly supports the conclusion that the earth is flat. Yet if you were to ask me if I believe the earth is flat my answer would be “I don’t know” because at this point I truly do not know what I believe. I am fully aware of what this evidence is pointing to and yet my mind seems unable to firmly settle on the belief that the earth is flat. Maybe this is due to a lifetime of being told that I live on a globe flying through space.

As of now, the day I will upload this video, I am in still in a state of suspense not knowing what to believe. I do trust my own eyes and the evidence I collected but I want more. If I had one wish relating to flat earth it would be that fifty replications of this test be carried out by fifty different individuals or groups of people around the world and that the corresponding fifty videos be produced and uploaded onto Youtube presenting the evidence collected.

And I wouldn’t stop there. I’d wish for new tests to be developed that were easy to understand, concise, and conclusive methods of measuring the shape of the surface of the earth. These new tests would also be carried out by individuals or groups of people around the world and the corresponding videos would also be produced and uploaded onto Youtube presenting the evidence collected.

If I could see many repeats of the test I conducted as well as the presentations of many other tests and all of them clearly pointed to the exact same conclusion that my test points to then maybe my mind would feel comfortable enough to settle on the belief that the earth is flat.

I think what I’m trying to say is I’m not really interested in a belief system. I’m not interested in proof that takes me ninety nine percent of the way there and then it’s up to me to make that last one percent leap of faith or belief. I want one hundred percent irrefutable proof so I do not have to adopt a new belief system. I want to know. Maybe that’s not possible. Maybe the evidence I collected and presented in this video is enough proof. I’m not sure. As of now I really don’t know what to believe.

But I do know that this evidence very clearly and without hesitation points to the conclusion that the earth is flat.

Is it?

Could this actually be true?

One thing I do feel confident of is that the earth is indeed the shape that it is right now at this very moment. And to the best of our knowledge it will be this same shape tomorrow and even a hundred years from now. As this is the case it can be measured and human beings can prove conclusively the shape of the earth. We have the tools of measurement and the tools to record and present our findings. The shape of the earth can be proven conclusively and shared in an easy to understand and intuitive way that most every person can grasp. I have absolutely no doubt about this. And this can be done by ordinary people. We don’t need a government to do this for us. The technology that is available to each and every one of us today makes this entirely possible. All that is required is the will to do so.

Do we have the will to do this?

Do we really want to know?

I think I do.



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