What if you have been Deceived?

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And the Flat Earth is real?

We have all been brainwashed and controlled from the moment of birth. Your parents register you when you are born and now you belong to the state. Later you are put in a brainwashing facility known as public/private school to brainwash,influence and control you as much as they can. Teaching you just enough to get by and perform your low wage job that they want you in while you pay tribute to the Elite in the form of Federal Taxes.

Part of the brainwashing by the Elite in their controlled system is to lie and deceive you to make you believe that you live on a Sphere.

When NASA was formed they brought in about 1000 Nazi scientists and granted them immunity.Their mission fake Moon landings as real and reinforce the globe model.

Why would the Elite do this… because they found out the truth about Antarctica and they don’t want to give up the great thing that they have going which is to keep us under control..Go to work pay tribute to them in the form of taxes making them rich. Keep working ,obey pay your taxes and die.

What are they covering up several things 1 of them … Antarctica …It encloses the flat earth and goes on for..well who knows. The elite love to use symbols in Movies and pictures as well as using cryptic messages in music as well as movies..etc etc.

Countries who fight over anything and everything have come together and joined to make the Antarctica treaty. Making sure only you see what they want you to see.


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