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Directed to Trader Joe’s Corporate Headquarters, store managers and clerks:

We are Public Rights Advocates, having formed in this country to ensure that citizens and non-citizens alike are allowed free and equal access to Places of Public Accommodation. As a nationwide chain of grocery stores open to the public for commerce (also known as “shopping”), Trader Joe’s locations are such Places of Public Accommodation.

Places of Public Accommodation, regardless of private ownership, are to allow members of the Public to enter and peruse the facility at their convenience and leisure. Additionally, Places of Public Accommodation may not discriminate among members of the Public for any reason. Places of Public Accommodation may not deny entry or access to a member of the Public for discriminatory reasons.

The incident recorded on video and recently posted on YouTube titled “Trader Joe’s Hates Freedom” demonstrates active discrimination on the part of Trader Joe’s employees toward a shopper who chose not to wear a face mask, who was in fact protected by his civil rights, although store employees were ignorant of this. Every state, including Connecticut, where this incident occurred, clearly lists face-mask exemptions within the COVID-19 guidelines issued by its Department of Public Health. Additionally, our individual states have ONLY offered GUIDELINES as to protective measures against COVID-19, guidelines which are not in fact law.

A guideline may be followed, or may not be followed. If the individual States of America have set the COVID-19 advisories stage in such a manner, then Trader Joe’s grocery stores, which abide by the regulations of each State’s Department of Health, are compelled to do the same.

We, as Public Health Advocates and residents of States throughout America, many of us having been customers of Trader Joe’s, are hereby putting Trader Joe’s on Notice: We request and insist that Trader Joe’s shall demonstrate no further discrimination toward any member of the Public wishing to do commerce at any of its nationwide locations. All members of the Public shall be allowed free and equal access to Trader Joe’s facilities, shall be treated with respect and consideration, and shall not be denied any service, including completion of and making payment for purchases at checkout.