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Flat Earth F.A.Q.
26 November

How “Science“ has become a religion The Official Story  According to Mainstream SCIENCE Fourteen point Seven Billion Years ago (14.7

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FE Debunk MEGA-Debunk
24 November

by The Morgile Happy ThanksGiving 2016 ~ This video should have been uploaded 3 days ago, but due to technical

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Flat Earth Truth Alert
23 November

by Subphotonic This is an excellent presentation – a down and dirty delivery of the balls out truth.  We have

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Flat Earth Asshole vs FisherOfMen
21 November

by Flat Earth Asshole Debunking The Debunkers This video is 100% Clean with No Cursing, It is Christian friendly, and

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Flat Earth Asshole vs. Koi Fresco
16 November

In this video you will see the typical “round” earth BS that is parroted by a moron who decided to

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Father Armoured Skeptic & The Bedford Level
29 October

by Jeranism This video is a response to a video that the artist formerly known as Armoured Skeptic made which

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Flat Earth in 5 Minutes!
29 August

by ODD T.V. A brief overview of our flat earth in 5 minutes.  

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Presentation at the New Horizons 2016 conference
1 February

MUST WATCH! Darren Nesbit live @ New Horizons Saint Anne, Lancashire, England. January 25th 2016. Darren Nesbit delves deeply into

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The Greatest Lie on Earth
17 January

A Fantastic Gift Idea – Amazing Research in Amazing Quality by Edward Hendrie   This book reveals the mother of

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Mathematical proof the sun is not 93 million miles away
19 June

If you think the sun is 93 million miles above the earth – tell that to a geometry major. Check

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