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A Stranger’s Guide to Flat Earth | 21 Questions and Answers (Proving The Earth Is Flat) ▶️️
30 July

O.D.D. T.V. A Strangers Guide to the Flat Earth | A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the answers to

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True World – Flat Earth Documentary 2016
9 July

by ODD TV Researching the flat earth for the past year has been a guilty pleasure that I never wanted

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The Ultimate Litmus Test
15 March

by MartyLeeds33 Website This is an educational piece. All rights reserved. This video, if monetized, was not done so by

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Do you know about the solar system?
5 March

Please, watch this presentation…. How much do you really know about your home?  Learn what science would have us believe

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The Greatest Lie on Earth
17 January

A Fantastic Gift Idea – Amazing Research in Amazing Quality by Edward Hendrie   This book reveals the mother of

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NASA fail compilation
3 December

by Eric Dubay NASA fails so hard and so often they cannot be taken seriously by earnest truth-seekers. This band

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