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Flat Earth – 100% proof there is no Curvature
6 June

Mind blowing Flat Earth Proof by Dr. Zack

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Flat Earth and The Fisheye Lens
26 October

by ODD Reality I know that many people that subscribe to me understand how the fisheye lens and wide angle

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Analyzed: Container Ship Series
5 October

Raw video from Container Ship Series playlist (… ) time coded, condensed, & analyzed. Orientation for the Tower (

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A Ball From A Plane
21 September

by Rory Cooper’s: My Perspective   Rory Cooper examines the difference between a Ball and a Plane, and what we

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Flat Earth Unveiled
9 July

by ODD TV ODD TV has put out a tremendous amount of great information regarding the Flat Earth subject, as

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Flat Earth on “Late Night with Milenko”
4 May

with Allegedly Dave  Allegedly Dave appearing on Macedonian National Television speaking about Flat Earth on “Late Night with Milenko”. This

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Flat Earth Truth
10 April

by Eric Dubay Read the Entire Flat Earth Truth Article Here The above video was taken from “The Flat Earth

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