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Mathematical proof the sun is not 93 million miles away
19 June

If you think the sun is 93 million miles above the earth – tell that to a geometry major. Check

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We Never Went to the Moon
14 June

And we never will – by Jeranism Thank you Bob and Cami for the awesome laser for my upcoming Flat

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10 Ways We Know Earth is Round – DEBUNKED
10 June

MinutePhysics – DEBUNKED by Jeranism Original Video Being Debunked Share- MAKE THIS VIRAL TO SPREAD THE WORD. Globe days are

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In the Name of NASA, The Sun & Holy Science
9 June

School Science is DOGMA and nothing more than a Religion by Jeranism Apologize ahead of time for being a little

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The Flat Truth of The New Moon
19 April

by Jeranism The search for truth continues. Please refrain from any negativity. If I am wrong about something simply tell

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NASA fail compilation
3 December

by Eric Dubay NASA fails so hard and so often they cannot be taken seriously by earnest truth-seekers. This band

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