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6 Minutes – worth every second
10 June

by Eric Dubay Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses

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6 June

Flat Earth Documentary (2017) by Celebrate Truth  This documentary highlights the hoax of the Round Earth model and shows all

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The Ultimate Litmus Test
15 March

by MartyLeeds33 Website This is an educational piece. All rights reserved. This video, if monetized, was not done so by

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Presentation at the New Horizons 2016 conference
1 February

MUST WATCH! Darren Nesbit live @ New Horizons Saint Anne, Lancashire, England. January 25th 2016. Darren Nesbit delves deeply into

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Proof NASA Is Fake
4 January

Documentary by Michael A close look into some of the signs that suggest we have been lied to with regards

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What if you have been Deceived?
1 August

And the Flat Earth is real? We have all been brainwashed and controlled from the moment of birth. Your parents

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