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We Cannot Go Further Than “Low Earth Orbit”
23 September

by ODD Reality 5 times NASA admits that they can’t get passed Low Earth Orbit. If it’s such a task

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NASA lies aren’t just black and white
22 September

by Flatline – Globe is dead This time we focus on the issue of what “space” looks like from the

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Nothing but the Truth – Corcoran Fraudsters
16 September

PlasmaBurns Published on Sep 16, 2014 Please share this with everyone you know and everyone you don’t know. Download it,

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Orlando Nightclub Shooting Reinforces Boston Bombing & Other LIES
28 June

The Orlando Gay Club mass shooting was nothing more than a fake media production. Take the time and look at

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NASA Caught Lying Again | LROC | Flat Earth
9 May

by ODD Reality Uploaded by ODD TV… I’m not sure about anything anymore, but chem trails are

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Why would they lie to us about the shape of the earth?
23 November

Answer: To control our minds by creating a paradigm of scarcity and separation. This is a re-upload of a video

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Flat Earth Answers – Truth Prevails
15 October

by scrawny2brawny This video is for anyone actively and honestly seeking answers to the whole Flat Earth concept. This is a

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Boston Marathon Bomb Attack Moment of Explosion
22 June

USA at Boston Marathon Bomb Attack Moment of Explosion JFK Library HD Terror WATCH NOW Raw Footage

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EXPOSED — Boston Bomb Amputee Karen Rand Seen Wiping Fake Blood On Leg After Blast
28 April

Unbelievable footage of Boston bombing victims Krystle Campbell and Karen Rand applying fake blood immediately following 1st explosion.  

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