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35 Questions in 35 Minutes
17 February

35 Questions in 35 Minutes TruthCenter has just released this excellent concise but comprehensive Flat Earth F.A.Q. which makes for

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Convergence On The Flat Earth Horizon
29 November

There is no curve! Flat Earth Conspiracy (Laurie Fray) captures video footage of a large tanker sailing away into the

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1 Horizon + 0 Curvature = Flat Earth
25 July

by Curious Life A quick video to introduce the idea that the horizon is actually a result of the point

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Flat Earth – Incompatible
29 June

Flat Earth Consequences  

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Tel-Aviv Globe Earth Curvature?
16 June

DEBUNKED as FRAUDULENT by TheMorgile  This is a video response, dedicated to Michelle Gentz & KC Patterson. The BackGround Music

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A response video to two self-admitted shills by Flat Earth Asshole
17 May

If this is the best top 10 there is – the round earth global believers are in DEEP trouble. In

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A 3-D rendering of the view on a Globe vs. a Flat Plane
6 March

by Steve Torrence Flat Earth vs Globe Earth 0-154 miles (0-248 km) Originals: Here & Here  

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Ghost Boat
26 October

Boats On The Horizon: Part One This video documents a strange phenomenon where a distant boat appears through what appears

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Flat Earth – Problem Solved
17 October

Original video of the sunset (Alaska) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO91q… Steve Torrence Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnSu… The sun sets and rises because of the ”Atmoplane”

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Not Spinning, Not Orbiting, Not Moving #FlatEarth
10 October

by D.I.T.R.H. You can lead a person to knowledge but you can’t make them think. If you believe in the

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