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The Sunset Proves the Flat Earth
10 May

by Taboo Conspiracy Watch as the flat earth experimental “sunset” filmed in a warehouse matches an actual sunset perfectly. The

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Are We Seeing the Sun in the Distance?
20 April

This is mirrored from YouTub’r “bolidoxUCM“. This is a video of a weather balloon shot at night time. In the

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Flat Earth – Clinging to ignorance
13 April

A brief video message to John B. Wells – the last (and least) smart monkey.

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A 3-D rendering of the view on a Globe vs. a Flat Plane
6 March

by Steve Torrence Flat Earth vs Globe Earth 0-154 miles (0-248 km) Originals: Here & Here  

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Flat Earth – 100% proof there is no Curvature
4 March

LOL. It’s getting ridiculous just how flat the earth is. Please mirror, and do similar experiments!

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Flat Earth and Spinning Globe Deception
28 February

Flat Earth and Spinning Globe Deception Another great presentation by Rory Cooper on the nature of our reality.  

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Flat Earth. What time is it?
28 February

by My Perspective You can lead a person to knowledge but you can’t make them think. If you believe in

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Flat Earth Sidereal Ball Earth Number Futz
26 February

My Perspective Flat Earth researcher and video maker Rory Cooper (aka My Perspective YouTube Channel), has recently taken down some

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Flat Earth Resident Moon
19 February

by My Perspective/Rory Cooper Rory Cooper makes a great case for the Moon having to be within the Earth’s atmosflat. 

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Flat Earth Truth Does Not Fear Investigation
15 February

by Chris Brown 41 minutes and change, definitely worth the watch.  This is a compilation of many clips of Flat

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