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The History of the Space we’ve been sold
24 July

ODD Breaks Space The History of Conditioning Humans to believe in the existence of Outer Space and Space Travel. by

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Flat Earth Truth Does Not Fear Investigation
15 February

by Chris Brown 41 minutes and change, definitely worth the watch.  This is a compilation of many clips of Flat

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NASA hoax satellites…
23 September

…fall to earth with a mighty crash! by hey! dude! A big stumbling block to accepting the flat earth model

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NASA lies aren’t just black and white
22 September

by Flatline – Globe is dead This time we focus on the issue of what “space” looks like from the

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The Ultimate Litmus Test
15 March

by MartyLeeds33 Website This is an educational piece. All rights reserved. This video, if monetized, was not done so by

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