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Eclipse DEBUNKS the Spinning Ball AGAIN!!!
5 February

In this short video I cover a few points on why the most recent eclipse on 31 January 2018 totally

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The Disappearing Astronaut Trick – NASA fails – Part V
26 January

ThePottersClay 2 Published on Jan 25, 2018 ——————— This is my backup channel where I will be posting older vids.

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Steve O destroyed Flat Earth once and for all? ✞
23 January

Steve O destroyed Flat Earth once and for all? ✞ Astro Not Published on Jan 13, 2018 Lol, nope! Sure

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Don’t Believe in Gravity – Flat Earth Man
17 January

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Looks like the globe is having eclipse problems ?
30 August

by ThePottersClay Big thanks to Bob from Globebusters for giving me the idea for this video. The shadow during the

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Nothing but the Truth – Corcoran Fraudsters
16 September

PlasmaBurns Published on Sep 16, 2014 Please share this with everyone you know and everyone you don’t know. Download it,

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DITRH Boston Bombing Video Real vs Fake Bomb
25 July

This video shows the difference between a real explosion and a flash bomb.

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Orlando Nightclub Shooting Reinforces Boston Bombing & Other LIES
28 June

The Orlando Gay Club mass shooting was nothing more than a fake media production. Take the time and look at

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Why lie about the shape of the earth? What difference does it make?
4 June

To even ask that question shows the extent of the Brainwashing Please view the video below, illustrating that the Sun

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NASA Caught Lying Again | LROC | Flat Earth
9 May

by ODD Reality Uploaded by ODD TV… I’m not sure about anything anymore, but chem trails are killing people.This is

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