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Red Boat, Edited and Explained
14 March

Red Boat, Edited and Explained Flat Earth Conspiracy Edited version of the Red Boat video. Additional explanations added and shortened.

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Finding the Curve – Episode 2 (Flat Earth Documentary) Einar Kuusk
1 February

Finding the Curve – Episode 2 (Flat Earth Documentary) by Einar Kuusk

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1 Horizon + 0 Curvature = Flat Earth
25 July

by Curious Life A quick video to introduce the idea that the horizon is actually a result of the point

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19 June

STATIC PLANAR EARTH ~ Some Common Sense by The Morgile This video covers the current WORLD RECORD “Long-Distance Landscape Photography”:

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Flat Earth – 100% proof there is no Curvature
6 June

Mind blowing Flat Earth Proof by Dr. Zack

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The Sunset Proves the Flat Earth
10 May

by Taboo Conspiracy Watch as the flat earth experimental “sunset” filmed in a warehouse matches an actual sunset perfectly. The

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Flat Earth – 100% proof there is no Curvature
4 March

LOL. It’s getting ridiculous just how flat the earth is. Please mirror, and do similar experiments!

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Flat Earth Resident Moon
19 February

by My Perspective/Rory Cooper Rory Cooper makes a great case for the Moon having to be within the Earth’s atmosflat. 

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Ghost Boat
26 October

Boats On The Horizon: Part One This video documents a strange phenomenon where a distant boat appears through what appears

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Flat Earth and The Fisheye Lens
26 October

by ODD Reality I know that many people that subscribe to me understand how the fisheye lens and wide angle

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Flat Earth – Problem Solved
17 October

Original video of the sunset (Alaska) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO91q… Steve Torrence Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnSu… The sun sets and rises because of the ”Atmoplane”

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Analyzed: Container Ship Series
5 October

Raw video from Container Ship Series playlist ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… ) time coded, condensed, & analyzed. Orientation for the Tower (

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Antarctica Is NOT What You Think – No 24 Hour Sun!
1 October

by Jeranism My videos are my personal opinions on the world in which we live. If you do not agree

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How Boats Vanish Over The Horizon
26 September

by EmpyThea Princess An EXCELLENT presentation on how ships disappear behind a distortion line and NOT curvature.

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Flat Earth… A Mountain of Evidence
1 September

by Jon McIntyre  Very Compelling Proof of the Flat Earth A note on comments: I have ZERO tolerance for drama,

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Curvature Test
14 May

Island visible over 31 miles away.

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