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ISS Smoke & Mirrors Redux
2 July

by david marsh Let’s take a splash down to the ISS and take a closer look at these astronots in

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Real ISS Footage
16 June

by Crrow777 Info about this clip from Randy: I used the app on my Android phone to tell me when

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Faking Weightlessness in Space – 100% Explained
13 May

A technical breakdown by Mike Helmick I explain how NASA Fakes Weightlessness in full detail and the company they use

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NASA Space Walks Use Fake Scuba Diving AstroNOTS
7 November

by Jeranism My research has uncovered what I believe to be the way that NASA fakes the space walks. They

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Verifiable Proof NASA Lies – Mercury is Close
18 October

& We Don’t Orbit the Sun by ThePottersClay The Lord will lead you into all truth if you ask him.

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We Cannot Go Further Than “Low Earth Orbit”
23 September

by ODD Reality 5 times NASA admits that they can’t get passed Low Earth Orbit. If it’s such a task

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NASA hoax satellites…
23 September

…fall to earth with a mighty crash! by hey! dude! A big stumbling block to accepting the flat earth model

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NASA lies aren’t just black and white
22 September

by Flatline – Globe is dead This time we focus on the issue of what “space” looks like from the

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NASA Caught Lying Again | LROC | Flat Earth
9 May

by ODD Reality Uploaded by ODD TV… I’m not sure about anything anymore, but chem trails are

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Proof NASA Is Fake
4 January

Documentary by Michael A close look into some of the signs that suggest we have been lied to with regards

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