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Question: How do you explain time zones, different seasons, changing star constellations, gravity and the tides?
1 February

Youtube’r Stinky Cash addresses all of these questions and far more in a response video to Zachary K. Hubbard’s questions.

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Presentation at the New Horizons 2016 conference
1 February

MUST WATCH! Darren Nesbit live @ New Horizons Saint Anne, Lancashire, England. January 25th 2016. Darren Nesbit delves deeply into

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A 30 second video asking a legitimate question
27 January

 What’s with the ISS and the lack of stars?  Why is it that we don’t see any stars in the

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Question: Don’t we know the earth is a ball because many people have sailed around it and millions fly around it every year?
26 January

Answer: People have only circumnavigated the earth traveling east and returning to their start point or traveling West and returning

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Flat Earth – Perspective and horizons explained
11 January

Stinky Cash YouTuber Stinky Cash explains the phenomenon of perspective on our flat earth plane.

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Why would they lie to us about the shape of the earth?
23 November

Answer: To control our minds by creating a paradigm of scarcity and separation. This is a re-upload of a video

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The Most Undeniable Proof!
11 November

Of the Flat Earth Sun Remember how they taught us that the sun RISE and FALL on the “curved” horizon? 

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