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Sofia Smallstorm w/Mike Williams, David Weiss & Jeranism
5 April

Sofia Smallstorm w/Mike Williams, David Weiss & Jeranism The Sage of Quay Radio Hour Published on Apr 3, 2017 I

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Looks like the globe is having eclipse problems ?
30 August

by ThePottersClay Big thanks to Bob from Globebusters for giving me the idea for this video. The shadow during the

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Magnetic Flat Earth 1.0
29 August

FE ASTRONOMY This is a product of a combined effort of a relentless research group named FE Core. Co creators

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Coriolis Utterly Destroyed! 100% Proof Its Fake
11 June

 Mr. Thrive & Survive In this video I show that the forces on the spinning vertices should cause greater destructive

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6 Minutes – worth every second
10 June

by Eric Dubay Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses

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31 May

Paul On The Plane  

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Flat Earth – Clinging to ignorance
13 April

A brief video message to John B. Wells – the last (and least) smart monkey.

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Atmospheric Lensing (short version)
20 January

Rob Skiba Experts in optics and weather have concluded that “the atmosphere really does act like a lens.” What type

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